Richard King CPP

Richard King

Richard King CPP

Richard is a one of the most capable corporate security executives and global risk strategists in the industry today. He has operated in the role of Corporate Security Adviser developing and deploying various security frameworks and solutions for a range of key brand global campus environments.

Many of today’s consultants and corporate security advisers stem from police, manpower or military backgrounds. Richard brings to the industry a unique end to end perspective drawn from his life experiences project managing and delivering integrated global compliance solutions.

Richard has an exceptional ability to understand how and where security management and processes can add real value to any organisation. He combines this with a pronounced ability to maximise the effectiveness of existing legacy systems and infrastructure to deliver enterprise level centralised management solutions. He has outstanding diplomatic skills with a flair for engaging top level executives ensuring all stakeholders understand the need to improve on current processes and their part in successful delivery of the solution.

Whether it’s a string of automated industrial control towers moving to a single card access solution, a global airline deploying standardised security solutions throughout their environment to protect assets and resources, or operational cost reduction through off shoring security support resources to low cost base environments, Richard has designed and influenced these projects delivering solutions for the client business throughout every region over the last 20 years.

As a globally respected security adviser and technology consultant Richard has mastered the convergence of corporate security, risk and IT departments to deliver identity management and compliance reporting that exceeds the risk management requirements of today’s global finance and corporate operations.

Richard’s vision of fully integrated employee life-cycle management is achievable. He has used this vision of convergence between the security, risk, compliance and IT environments to shape the future direction of many corporate control systems, minimising unnecessary infrastructure expenditure and aligning the credential management system with the many key corporate initiatives to facilitate flexible working environments.

Embedding or aligning security services with IT teams enables security to move from being a compliance motivated purchase to an employee enabler which in turn drives innovation and efficiency gains. Enterprise security solutions enable the offering of services like secure printing, locker management, vending machines and computer logins through the use of the single centrally managed security credential. These services can drive fee for service cost recovery solutions and enable planning for future corporate wide green initiatives.

Richard regularly provides guidance and advice to similar type corporate operations and mentors others senior risk and security persons through his dedication to the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) training programs. Richard received a global volunteer acheivement award in 2012 for his commitment to developing and delivering training programs for the security and risk industry.

Richard is a regular presenter at corporate and industry events taking the event attendees along with him on his journey to improve the industries understanding of what is possible with existing systems and a look into the future as the rapid pace of technology development continues.

As a Board Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and the lead Mentor in the ASIS NSW CPP training program Richard has mentored scores of individuals to better their knowledge and improve their marketable skills through CPP program.

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